About Us


Jennifer Henry, the founder of Core Resolution Systems, is Certified as a:

-Personal Trainer

-Health Coach

-Life Coach

-Transformation Coach and 

-Fitness in Recovery Coach

She is also in the process of obtaining her ACC (Associates Coaching Credential) through the International Coaching Federation.


 For the last decade, Jennifer has been on a mission to shift the growing epidemic of Chronic Disconnection and unhealthy habits. Our inability to connect with who we truly are, or what we really want in life, has led to the decline of our society's mental and physical health. Her goal is to help as many people as possible, to reach the level of success in their health and their life that they truly desire. She has created multiple programs designed to address clients specific needs, in any and all aspects of their lives, so that they can begin to take control of what really want.


"I remember living on the streets and all I could think about what how to escape. Not just the streets, but life in general. I was not okay. I was seeking connection to anyone and ANYTHING else, but it just wasn't working. The problem was that I was completely disconnected from MYSELF. I had to suffer on the journey a while longer, as it got much worse before it got better. Before I could truly heal, before I could create the life I really wanted, I had to connect to who I was . I had to find a balance in my life. I had to learn to set boundaries to keep that balance and  I had to learn to seek accountability for the boundaries I was setting in place in my life. 

At first it wasn't easy, but when I was finally able to figure out who I was, I was able to align with what I wanted. Now, I help my clients to become the expert of their own minds, their own bodies and their OWN LIVES. I am so grateful to have ability to help my clients TRANSFORM their lives through the art of habit change"   

-Jennifer Henry